Growth Strategies

Market Research. Process Mapping. Scaling Tactics.


Delivering the Tools, Data, and Access Women need to Scale

Market Research

Our economic research team provides you with the regional market trends, industry growth rates, and leakage opportunities that you need to navigate to position your organization and reach your intended growth goals.

Process Mapping

We create a process map to define what your business does, who is responsible to do it, and standards for your business processes. We look at your business’ needs to customize your map to facilitate growth opportunities. 

Scaling Tactics

Scaling your business for growth is our expertise. We examine your business identifying key areas and strategic scales that generate consistency in revenue growth. We address common stall points while keeping costs down. 

Download our Growth Strategy Checklist

Wondering what elements you should be evaluating in order to uncover the hidden growth opportunities in your business or organization? Our Strategy Checklist can help you get started.

Organizational STRATEGIES

Uncover your Growth Potential through a B&Co Audit

With an extensive background around scaling companies and non-profit organizations, our team is poised to identify the unseen gaps and opportunities along your growth journey. The Growth Audit is curated to assist in the market research, systems mapping, and identifying resource access needed to pursue sustainable growth.

Audits take around 4-6 weeks to complete and cost $495 for Entrepreneurs (1-2 FTE), $495 for Non-Profit Organizations, and $995 for Companies (+3 FTE).

Discover new Expansion Opportunities & Implementation Tactics

Growth Assessment ($99)

Growth Audit ($495)

Strategic Planning (Custom)

Don’t Outpace your Competition, Out-Innovate

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