Sales Funnel Roadmap


Are you struggling to construct a versatile Sales Funnel, to more successfully walk your potential clients from lead to conversion? While Sales Funnels are proven methods for onboarding customers, they are a source of frustration for most people trying to map their first funnel. At B&Co, we build and test not only our own funneling systems, but also automated sequences for our clients across all industries.

In the Sales Funnel Roadmap, we will work with your team to create a Map around the following elements:

  1. Identify your Ideal Customer Avatars (ICA) and their psychological motivations within the Funnel Process
  2. Determine your Content Objectives & Conversion Goals for your Funnel
  3. Recommend key automated digital systems based upon your ICA & Conversion Goals
  4. Build a Sales Funnel Roadmap, including Product, Communications & Systems requirements

In addition to the Roadmap, the B&Co team will teach you how to construct, test, and refine your Funnel in order to reach a optimum framework for conversion.