Growth Audit (Entrepreneur)



A Breedlove & Company Growth Audit offers a deep-dive analysis of the expansion potential of the organization around the four areas of strategic focus:

  1. Current State: The Audit conducts a SWOT Analysis, evaluating the current USP and Competitive Advantage of the organization, taking into consideration the financial health and total brand experience.
  2. Strategic Direction: By evaluating the Strategic Direction, the B&Co team will review internal projections, profitability forecasts, potential market saturation, and economic indicators within key industries.
  3. The Roadmap: A series of recommend strategies will be developed around new product opportunities, experiential marketing campaigns, sales processes, key system automation, and staff development practices.
  4. Communication and Delivering Results: The Audit will be presented as both a static report and a face-to-face team training, to assist with implementation of the findings. B&Co staff will offer tactics for integration and iteration of organizational operations, from marketing to product testing to human resources.