Digital Press Kit


A Breedlove & Company Digital Press Kit offers a deep-dive analysis of the media coverage opportunities and collateral needs, around the four areas of PR:

  1. Target Market Segmentation: Our team will conduct a professional analysis of the Demographics, Psychographics, and dominant consumer behaviors of your organizational Ideal Customer Avatars
  2. Industries & Angles: By comparing your organizational objectives, core values, and brand experience with the motivations of your ICA, B&Co will present suggested Industry focus areas, with an emphasis on relevant story angles
  3. Digital Kit Components: Based upon your PR goals, we will present a list of the recommended Kit components, included collateral and multimedia which we suggest including within your Media Kit
  4. PR Strategy & Calendar: In order to take next steps on applying your Kit to your Outreach campaigns, B&Co will draft a Template, Timeline, and Storymap for your team to implement the Digital Kit into your future Communications Strategy

Let our team take the guesswork out of your future PR planning, by helping you to streamline and polish your Digital Press Kit.