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Emily Edmonds, Chief Research Officer (CRO)

Emily Edmonds is an experienced government and nonprofit professional, with over 15 years of experience in projects across the East Coast. Her work has primarily focused on regional and local governments, building relationships between rural and urban communities and advocating for policies that support underserved rural populations. She holds a BA from Western Carolina University in Social Philosophy & Policy and an MPA from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, where she completed her graduate thesis on modern approaches to rural economic development.

Emily specializes in grant writing and administration, food systems assessment and planning, cross-sector engagement, research & evaluation, and project and program management. She is the author of A Government Guide to Building Regional Food Economies, published by NC State University, and several academic research papers focused on using new types of data to better inform decisions that impact agriculture, economic development, food security, and local policy equity.

In her spare time, Emily is a PhD candidate in Public Administration at NC State University, where her research focuses on how government and community entities manage scarcity in times of environmental, economic, and cultural change. She is an Appalachian native from a small town in Western North Carolina and enjoys travel, typewriters, learning to skate with her teenage daughter, reading, and growing and eating food.

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