Walking the Entrepreneurial Journey – Annie Price


Written by Dannie Frey, Breedlove & Company

Annie Price, founder of Birds Eye Business Planning and Adventure  is deeply committed to her mission: to generate success and support along the journeys of entrepreneurs and leaders. Annie takes the word “along” to heart and it helps to determine the wide variety of services that Birds Eye offers along an entrepreneurial timeline. “I believe that we can greatly benefit from interweaving three types of “educational opportunities” into our growth as aspiring or existing entrepreneurs: cohort, one-on-one, and solo.” Group experiences allow for the generation of a rising tide for all boats and coupled with senses of connection and possibility. One-on-one support allows for trust, depth, and focus to transpire and solo experiences allow for ones own unique voice to be heard and honored, which often leads to the delivery of ones greatest value proposition. Annie states, “Overall, my work is dedicated to creating resources and experiences for each of these realms of learning and to date I have had the opportunity to see these elements support 1500 clients first-hand as well as many more through the gifted facilitators that I have the honor of training.”

Annie finds her passion these days centered on two areas: 1) facilitating retreats in which entrepreneurs and leaders have the opportunity to restore, reflect, create, and connect 2) writing from a “birds eye perspective” about what transpires as a result of participating in these processes while working to connect the dots between the wide range of clients that Birds Eye works with and build a sense of solidarity, understanding, and respect in the struggles faced, even if they present themselves very differently at first glance.

“I believe that we can greatly benefit from interweaving three types of “educational opportunities” into our growth as aspiring or existing entrepreneurs: cohort, one-on-one, and solo.”

Annie Price

To gain an understanding of who Annie is and where her mind is, she was asked why her work matters to others… her response explains much about her. “Whether my work matters to so many is subjective, but I will say that I have been lucky enough to witness its effects on some truly remarkable people. In these instances, I think it resonates because of my vulnerability with my clients and how it builds a bridge of meaning between our work and personal lives and senses of identity. I unapologetically love the contributions of the head and the heart equally. I easily navigate between building spreadsheets and playing with paint, back and forth repeatedly.  I have finally embraced the fact that I have a gift of discovering and weaving patterns and themes amidst complex, seemingly disparate entities. I am the daughter of a weaver and I think this began through watching her work in her studio.”

Photo by Nicole McConville | www.nicolemcconville.com

Her work has the ability to build itself new opportunities based on what others are doing and needing to do. As she works with businesses and assisting the in their growth, she is constantly on the look out for new tools to develop for her clients. Her current passion is the newly emerging landscape of investment crowdfunding and the opportunities this gives small business owners to raise money from their fan base and make them money too. “I have enjoyed the process of co-developing curriculum for cohorts to learn about this and am excited about some of the campaigns that are currently going on that came out of this process.” Annie is also enjoying witnessing the growing trends of B-corps and social enterprises as a whole. Every single one of her private clients has a mission and vision way beyond just financial gain. “As I gain more opportunity to work with leaders of larger scale companies and offer them opportunities to restore and reflect I am able to contribute to their renewed commitment to their personal and professional missions.  This honor is hopefully never ever lost on me.”

In her field she finds the trends of “continuing to generate easy access to capital and marketplace for women and minorities and ensuring that these entrepreneurs understand that funders, landlords, marketers, etc…are to be vetted just like they themselves are.” Women are still learning how to navigate these areas and need to be aware that these are all forms of partnership. Annie believes women need to “be aware of whose tides we are rising in the deals we make so we can help shape the collective world in which we want to thrive.” 


Her Role Models

Annie find the following character traits help her in both personal and professional relationships: Perceptive, adventurous, loving. As one gets to know Annie more you can certainly see how she has built her business with these traits as her guide. 

When given an opportunity to share with us three women who have had an impact on her life, she stated the following “I am going to keep these answers short so that each word is infused with reverence and meaning:”

Jane Renfroe: Her compassionate & bright eyes, her grace, her fire.
My Aunt Maimo: Her independence, her indomitable spirit, her flexible mind.
My daughter Annalie: Her humor, her emotional intelligence, her kindness.

Leadership Advice

The advice Annie provides the readers of this blog is simply brilliant. And simple. And something we call can do for ourselves and should.

Every year around my birthday I sit down and write down 100 questions without trying to answer them. A complete stream of consciousness. Some are insanely benign and shallow and then whoppers come out of nowhere. I then go back and seek out common themes between them and determine which ones are most compelling to pursue. I guess I am sharing this because it is a conscious act of introspection and these are what I see to have forged the most influential paths of those I admire.

As the new year is nearly upon us, it is a time for reflection of what has been and what is to come. For Annie, 2020 is an opportunity for Rest. Reflection. Writing. Embodiment. 2019 was a wild, expansive ride and it is critical for me to clear my plate enough to make meaning of it all. I look forward to that in the quiet of winter. Beyond that I am excited about deepening relationships with clients and collaborators both in the Asheville area and beyond. I am always most alive when facilitating in new settings and am excited for some new Birds Eye Adventures that are coming down the pike. Stay tuned!



Annie Price is a 2019 Women’s Leadership Award Winner in the category of “Education.” This article was written to tell her story and recognize Annie as an exceptional female leader in Western North Carolina. A video interview will also be released in the B&Co Blog.