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Breedlove & Company is a 100% Women led Boutique Consulting Agency delivering leading edge growth strategies for Female Disruptors. Our team of systems-thinkers converge data and story to build innovative roadmaps which help our clients to achieve more sustainable impact.

We believe that women are natural born leaders, with the skills, insight, and talent needed to present creative solutions to global issues. What we often lack is access. B&Co is committed to opening doors to the connections, resources & opportunities for women to change the world.


Our Growth Audits offer your organization an unparalleled roadmap to success through a powerhouse combination of market research, systems mapping, and sales tactics. 



By integrating Public Relations, Event Production, and Multimedia Communications, our team is poised to offer you the strategies needed to position yourself as a high-impact Industry Authority.



To effectively scale any organization, you must have an intelligent and versatile sales strategy. From Thought Leadership to Product Distribution to Fundraising, mastering funnels is a necessary step along the journey to growth.


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Our Brilliance

A brazen team of Researchers, Strategists, and Designers

We are comprised of systems thinkers, creative problem solvers, and digital nomads. Our team is committed to helping you become more nimble as you more effectively position yourself as an Industry Authority. We are ready to help you break down barriers, misconceptions, and resource gaps to open a door to opportunity.

Breedlove & Company are helping women like me take our work, reputations, and brands to the next level when it comes to content, confidence, and engagement. It’s hard to innovate and transform personally and professionally without support. B&Co provides accountability, skill sharing, and an innovative, fresh perspective on how you can achieve your goals. Thank you for everything you have done to help me grow!”

Sarah Benoit

Co-Founder, JB Media Institute

Creating momentum

Opening the door of opportunity, through strategic positioning

“I‘ve been clear on my gifts, purpose and passion for a while, yet have struggled to navigate the less fun (and certainly less natural) “How?” of it all. The content has been there, but that’s only part of the necessary formula for aligned expansion and business success. I can’t believe the difference only 6 months of working with B & Co has made in my ability to broaden my impact, and I’m thrilled to see how many lives I will be able to touch moving forward!” 

Meghan O'Malley

Founder, Fierce Love Coaching

“I am consistently astounded by how Emily Breedlove is able to look at a situation in my business and aptly name the missing piece, as well as the next move. When I listen, I trust it will work. I have worked with Emily long enough to know this is true, and long enough to listen wholeheartedly to her advice! 

Emily has assembled a team of heart-centered, skillful, focused women who have been doing the work behind the scenes to ensure their methods and applications are effective. They have helped me to launch my brand and my products not only with quality and consistency, but with beauty and deep insight. They have supported me in bringing my practice forward in the world at a much faster and effective rate than I would have been able to do alone and I am incredibly grateful for the pure force and love that is Breedlove & Co.”
Sarah Poet

Founder, Embodied Breath

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